The founder’s word 

There is the Culture running in our blood : Arts make us traveling, not only around the world, but also through the ages.

There is the Family : our child, this treasure with whom we want to share great values and give the best we can.

There is : Omaïkid!

French mother living on the beautiful island of New Caledonia- some initiated will recognize the wink into «Omaï», Im passionate by music, French and English Letters history. Working for myself in the ready-to-wear clothing industry for some years, Ive studied with attention the use of the «retro» into the most fashionable collections...we all have a nostalgic «Midnight in Paris» side, wherever we live in the world!

Omaïkid is a "retro chic" world with brands AND products carefully selected for their creativity, elegance and nobility.

Omaïkid, its also its own name brand : we put all our heart and «savoir-faire» into our collections! I myself grant a big importance into documentary researches before giving the relay to my step daughter Ophélie- graduated from the Parisian Françoise Conté’s school, who signs the technical drawings. We scrupulously select the fabrics we want to be from high quality, colorful, comfortable and traditional. Our crafted designs are hundred percent handmade into our other homeland Thailand, by our smiling dressmakers!


We are welcome you into this  joyful adventure!

photo de la créatrice de la marque et son fils